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About Us


When providing legal services Siarhei Yermakovich and Vadzim Samaryn use an official language of their client, and when dealing with jurisdictional bodies they use the Belarusian language.

Siarhei Yermakovich and Vadzim Samaryn offer legal services taking into account primarily the interests and wishes of their clients.

Forging close relationships with partners from Poland, Germany, Canada, Ukraine and Russia and with highly qualified professionals from Belarus regions enables us to guarantee promptness and quality of services.

We are able to compete worthily for the following reasons: each of us holds a PhD in Law degree; we have achieved a high level of legal culture; we have excellent theoretical training and practical experience of work with clients from different countries.

Our desire to work, focus on the acquisition of the Name, reasonable prices set us apart from our competitors. We value each and every one of our clients and our primary aim is to protect the clients’ interests. We treat every project as a priority one.

If your case is difficult and everybody else refused to solve your problem — this is our Project.


We specialize in representing interests of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in commercial courts, the realization of investment projects, solving complex legal issues in the field of unfair competition, counteraction to monopolistic activity, full support of business activity in Belarus as well as in the field of intellectual property, corporate law, labor law, private international law, environmental law and land law.

We guarantee confidentiality and we can be reached at all times. Speedy responsiveness is our top priority. We are ready to offer you services regardless of your geographical location.

Vadzim Samaryn and Siarhei Yermakovich have made numerous presentations in other countries, received training abroad, and familiarized themselves with legal systems of other countries. They have more than 50 publications and continually update their expertise by participating in seminars, conferences, round tables, communicating with colleagues, studying special literature and providing legal advice.

We speak Belarusian, Polish, English, German and Russian. If necessary, we can engage highly qualified translators and interpreters at a reasonable cost.

Our vision is to be a market leader in legal services which will become possible thanks to our professionalism, enthusiasm and desire to work.

We look forward to working with YOU!